Use real-time demand sensing to plan with unprecedented accuracy.


World leader in consumer behaviour led demand planning software. 

Forecast consumer demand using machine learning predictive analytics that significantly enhance forecast accuracy - minimise working capital and maximise profits.


Quantiful will help you…

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Our highly accurate projections of future buying behaviours allow you to plan with confidence as you know what what your customer wants.

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Buy + sell smarter. 

Forecast to SKU level with unprecedented accuracy. Reduce waste, increase opportunities and ultimately amplify your financial results.

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See future trends first. Instantly and continuously monitor customer demand as well as your brand and your competitors’ performance.

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Instant decisions demand instant data. Use real-time digital insights to rapidly react to changing consumer demand and stay ahead of the competition.


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Quantiful exceeded our expectations and delivered insights that we were able to use to inform critical decision making.
— Fonterra

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