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Add rich consumer data into your brand strategy and performance tracking. 

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Does your business have a continuous view of brand health? 

In today’s world, brands are built and broken by consumer perception. Brands who focus on building their brand health are proven to have faster growth than those who don’t.

  • Access unprompted consumer perception about your brand.
  • Understand the drivers and detractors of your brand.
  • Track brand health continuously, including historical performance.
  • See the impact of your brand activity unfold in consumer conversation.
  • Catch issues early, before they grow offline.
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Make confident decisions, with a quantified view of customer opinion to back your hunch.  

Even the most intuitive leaders can come unstuck without data to substantiate their great ideas. Why? Because one experience cannot speak for all. Having digital data on tap to inform and strengthen your business decision making is a no brainer.

  • Find out what consumers really think, about almost anything.
  • Track opinions as they change over time.
  • Use data to underpin your consumer journey mapping.
  • Prove your progress in changing and building customer opinion.  

Trends don’t crop up overnight, there are always signs for those who listen.

Categories are constantly reshaped by evolving consumer needs. The cost of falling behind is severe. The ability to see trends emerging online gives brands reason and time to act proactively.

  • Distinguish between fleeting blips on the radar, and substantial trends that shape real opportunities for your team to act on.
  • Get early warning of disruptive category trends, and continue to track as they approach, enabling timely response.
  • Be ahead of the opportunity, using data to zig while others zag.

Can you tell what parts of your marketing execution are working, and what parts aren't?

A simple view of attribution is critical to understanding the effectiveness of any marketing strategy and campaign. Quantiful provides a continuous, measured view of attribution across campaigns, conversations, and competitors.

  • Breakdown the contribution of paid, earned, and shared content from your total brand impact.   
  • Measure the cut through of key campaigns and messages.
  • Track your brand share in key conversations and occasions.
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