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Add rich consumer data into your brand strategy and performance tracking.

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Allow our professional service to:

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Future-proof your brand using digital data.

Today, brands are built and broken by consumer perception. Organisations who focus on understanding these consumer views and use the insights to build and maintain their brand health are proven to grow faster than those who don’t.

  • Gain an unalloyed view of your brands health and reputation

  • Use historic data (2010 - Today) to measure brand health over time

  • Complement survey-based point-in-time research with organic, unprompted digital data

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Predict and react to changes in consumer demand.

Consumer demand is constantly changing market categories, and the cost of falling behind is severe. Having the ability to see trends as they emerge gives brands the time and ability to act proactively.

  • Distinguish between fleeting blips on the radar, and sustained trends that shape opportunities for your business

  • Get early warnings of disruptive market trends and opportunities, and track them in real time

  • Be ahead of threats and opportunities in the market, using digital data to zig while others zag

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Adapt your social strategy to optimise within a changing market.

Digital data can enable you to track the impact and effectiveness of your social strategy overtime. Quantiful can provide you with a continuous, measured view of attribution across campaigns, conversations, and competitors, allowing you to optimise and refine your social strategy to best fit the mood of the market.

  • Breakdown the contribution of paid, earned, and shared content to understand your total brand impact

  • Measure the cut through of key campaigns and messages

  • Track your brand share in key conversations and occasions

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Build your NPD business case with consumer data & lean testing.

Reduce risk for your propositions the lean way. Our design-thinking approach will provide you with robust, actionable insights straight from the horses-mouth; your target consumers.

  • Rapid & iterative wave-based testing and opportunity scoping

  • Cost effective NPD testing with consumers globally

  • Back the results up with unprompted and organic digital data

  • Estimate demand for your total addressable market

  • Predict demand with a one-year forecast


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What sets Quantiful apart?


Bespoke Sentiment

Our sentiment algorithm, selected in collaboration with Auckland University, allows us greater transparency and control in the allocation of positivity and negativity than what can be achieved using generic algorithms.  This allows us to provide clients with a clearer view of how consumers feel.

Historical Data

Through our data aggregator, and our own algorithms and code, Quantiful can access information dating back to 2010.  This allows us to track our clients brands both in the here-and-now, but also to provide year-on-year comparisons and monitor successes and challenges for our clients over time. 

Lead Indicators

Social data allows us to spot and react to trends in the market before they shift offline.  What people are sharing, discussing and posting about through their social networks can often be early indicators of what will soon appear in the real world.  We can help you track and react to these shifts as they arise.


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