The world’s first consumer insight led business planning tool.

Using the latest AI technology, Quantiful senses global, real-time consumer demand data to forecast your customers’ purchasing behaviours with unprecedented accuracy. Responsibly manage your resources, revolutionise the way you understand your consumer, put power back in your supply chain planning and amplify your financial results.

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How does the Quantiful platform work?


Quantiful are market leaders in the use of social and search data for analytics, marketing and demand planning optimisation. Our SaaS demand planning platform takes both real-time and historical global demand data from over 90 sources including social, search, media and econometric. Using advanced machine learning analytics it then compares and contrasts this with our clients transactional sales data in order to predict trends, consumer demand and significantly increase SKU level forecasts with unprecedentedly accuracy. Identify market opportunities, reduce waste and increase financial results.

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There is so much information available, how do we use it? 

Increasingly the success of a brand or product relies on digital and social channels.  Your success is measured by your ability to connect with consumers and understand what they are thinking and how they are feeling.

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Does your business agree on what your customer looks like?

Your market and your customer’s demand is changing faster than ever before. Real-time data is crucial for you stay competitive and make the right decisions in this ever-evolving consumer landscape.

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Are you being left behind?

The once reliable planning tools are becoming less effective because they are not set up to understand changing consumer demand behaviour.  The rapidly changing market puts pressure on your business to hit sales and cash targets while mitigating obsolescence.

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The solution can be on your desk tomorrow.

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You’ll be in good company

Quantiful exceeded our expectations and delivered insights that we were able to use to inform critical decision making.
— Fonterra

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