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The world's first consumer insight led business planning tool. 

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There is so much information available, how do we use it? 

Increasingly the success of a brand or product relies on digital and social channels.  Your success is measured by your ability to connect with consumers and understand what they are thinking and how they are feeling.

  • Access up to 9 years of digital data related to your products.
  • Link with your sales data.
  • Use sophisticated predictive analytics to deliver accurate planning information.

Does your business agree on what your customer looks like?

As your market evolves quickly, real-time data is necessary for you to make the right decisions.

  •  Analyse real-time consumer behaviour to generate powerful insights.
  • Back your decision making with consumer demand signals.
  • Use data driven, AI based planning.

Are you being left behind?

The once reliable planning tools are becoming less effective because they are not set up to understand consumer demand behaviour.  The rapidly changing market places pressure on your business to hit sales and cash targets while mitigating obsolescence, its only going to get worse.

  • Manage your new product launches with relevant, immediate consumer data.

  • Predict consumer buying behaviour and with it product demand.

  • Understand market conditions to achieve sales targets.

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The solution can be on your desk tomorrow

Don’t break the bank, Quantiful’s self service portal can sense and predict down to SKU (stock keeping unit) level.

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