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Why Quantiful?

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Our platform is tailored to your success.

We bring our expertise to amplify yours and are accountable for your results. We aren’t just a software company; we are resource management experts.

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Simple to use = simplified decision making.

Seamlessly complimenting and boosting your existing demand insight and supply and operations processes and platforms.

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Performance Driven.

Proven financial results.

We believe future business success mean harnessing data and technology to drive faster more profitable decision making.

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For continual improvements and accuracy.

We have a restlessness attitude to always give better results to our clients.

Quantiful provided us with insights
that were unique, insights that we
could use to gain customer traction
and that were valuable long past the
date they were provided.
— Hastings Singh – Kingfisher Global, Managing Director
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Global Data

We take data from over 90 sources including social, search, media and econometric and combine it with your sales data to make powerful predictions about your brand's future. 

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Machine Learning

Cutting edge technology, unrivalled accuracy. Our platform is fully automated, using the latest AI technology to predict future trends and consumer demand with unprecedented accuracy.

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Planning Platform

Enhanced forecasting for your brand. Our planning platform provides you with highly accurate demand forecasts allowing you to efficiently manage your resources and enhance capacity planning. 

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Experts when you need them,
tech when you don't

We'll help you get up and running, then partner with you as you continue to optimise and grow. 

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